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High School

Golden Gate American School recognizes every student is unique. That’s why we have three curriculum tracks for your high school student to choose from, each with different specialties to suit your student’s needs and ambitions in order to create the most opportunities possible.

USA High School Diploma Program

This innovative program allows each student to earn an authentic USA-certified High School Diploma through Golden Gate American School in conjunction with a certified correspondence course provider based in the USA. The course takes your child through all of the subjects standard at American High Schools — from English to Chemistry, Algebra and more.

This program is more than a correspondence course. Experience has taught us that the real path to success for every student is through the study of high-standard USA curriculum in the presence and with the support of our knowledgeable and dedicated native English-speaking teachers.

These teachers support each student along every step of the way to the completion of these programs. We believe teacher involvement is the key to ensuring students’ comprehension, and, in doing so, enhancing the value of the curriculum. Moreover, the school facilities, learning materials and up-to-date technological equipment at GGAS provide an environment that fosters learning.

College Preparatory USA High School Diploma Course

Like the USA High School Diploma Program, our College Preparatory Program earns students an authentic and certified USA High School Diploma recognized by institutes of higher learning throughout the world, and most notably by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, a collegiate-accrediting commission.

But our College Preparatory Program goes one step further by preparing your student to fulfill entrance requirements for continued education at a university or vocational school, including standardized entrance tests.

Students in the College Prep track learn strictly in English during class sessions taught by our certified native English-speaking teachers. This 100 percent English approach helps students master the language they will someday use in their higher education pursuits.

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