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Bus Transportation

A limited daily service to pick up students in the morning and drop them off in the afternoon is provided by GGAS for an extra fee.
There are a limited number of seats on buses and vans, and not all students will be able to receive this serives, particularly those who live off the outskirts of town.


Families arriving at any time of the year should fill out the registration form below and send it in at least one week before service starts.

Siblings and kids who sign up for two-way service are given preference.

Charges for 2022-23

Zone A (5 kilometers from the school):                                        Get in touch for more details

Zone B (anywhere else):                                                                    Get in touch for more details

A discount of 5% will be given to students registering for the two-way service if payment is made for the full year in advance. No refund will be available for early withdrawal.

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