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Greetings from the GGAS family.
While we come from many regions, GGAS unite us.

Our Parents

Our parents are an essential part of the GGAS community.

It is our close partnership with families which enables us to achieve our mission of flourishing for our students and, by extension, the parents who join us on our journey.


We strongly believe in the importance of fostering open, honest home-to-school relationships and our Home to School Partnership is central to raising highly capable children. This partnership is further enhanced by our Family Guild - a team of 30-40 dedicated parents who support events on campus. The Guild also provides support for acts as an ambassador to the GGAS community.

Parent Events

Joining the GGAS community as a parent comes with a number of benefits. One of these is the extensive range of events in which parents are encouraged to get involved. Throughout the year, faculty arrange parent events to strengthen our partnership with families and contribute to the flourishing of our wider community. Some of these include:

Themed parent evenings

Parent weekends

Coffee mornings



Evening classes

School events and updates

Exclusive events


Family Mentor Programme

Our Family Mentor Programme  of current parents wishing to help welcome new families into the GGAS community. Parents new to the school can expect a phone call or email from one of our mentors who will answer any questions you may have.

This initiative aims to provide all new families with a smooth transition into life at GGAS and encourage the fostering of relationships within our community.


Golden Gate American School is one of the oldest and most significant of the first private schools operating in the country after a decade of war. Today, Golden Gate American School continues its dedication and devotion to its students’ learning. This has been ingrained in the school’s vision since our founder, Mrs. Bun Phana, started the school in 1996. The school continues its ever-unfolding and evolving search for excellence.

Developed initially as an English Language School, it soon became one of the country’s educational leaders as the student population increased to more than 1200. The school realized there were growing demand and a greater need for a comprehensive curriculum. Golden Gate American School is now trying to meet this demand by offering each student the opportunity to achieve both a Khmer and an American-accredited education on the same grade level. Using the best conventional methods and teaching practices shown by the best and most advanced American schools today, Golden Gate American School provides a friendly, family-style learning environment that encourages individual exploration while maintaining a structured integrated curriculum. We are dedicated to providing our students with a strong educational foundation.

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Strong foundation

All structures, especially educational ones, must rest and grow upon a firm foundation. This has to be based on the use of sound practices and using the most up-to-date methods. For that reason, Golden Gate American School places great emphasis on our educational programs with many strategies for individual student needs and developmental levels. One of the primary ways of accomplishing this is through the vast experience of our Native-English speaking faculty, (from the USA, UK, Australia and other Western countries). Starting students at the earliest possible age gives them an advantage over all others.



The following dates should be noted in your calendar for the following school year.


ends 31 Jan 2023

Victory Over Genocide Day

07 Jan 2023 

Chinese new year

22 Jan 2023 to 24 Jan 2023

Term 3

01 Feb 2023 to 13 Apr 2023

Women's Day

8 Mar 2023

Khmer New Year

14 Apr 2023 to 16 Apr 2023

Labor Day

Monday 1st May 2023

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