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American Curriculum

GGAS provides an American curriculum best of its kind in Cambodia.

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At GGAS, we recognize the importance of free-play in children’s emotional, psychological and academic development.  To support this, we offer our students an interactive playroom to further stimulate our young learners. Overall, through the year, your child will take part in many hands-on activities such as arts and crafts, cooking and music. All classes are taught in English by Native-English speaking teachers with Khmer assistants.


We introduce your child to the basic concepts of Mathematics, Social Studies, Geography, Science, Music, and Art. With our experienced, caring Native-English speaking teachers as your child’s guide, our Kindergarten School Program will give your child a definite beginning on their educational journey and a desire to become healthy and morally responsible individuals. We apply the latest teaching practices and utilize modern technology encouraging a very positive, creative and fun environment. This ensures your child will develop a good foundation for gaining future intellectual knowledge.

All classes are taught by professional, qualified, experienced Native- English speaking teachers who care about your child’s education and well-  being.  Golden Gate believes that learning should be fun! We encourage your child to use their creativity and imagination as much as possible, while teaching them to use confidence in such areas as coping with everyday challenges, learning independence and having positive interpersonal relationships with fellow students, adults, and teachers.  Our student base is from many different countries and backgrounds. These increases global exposure and creates a multicultural environment for our Cambodian students.

Primary Program

The students extend their knowledge of subjects already learned in Kindergarten: English, Reading, Science, Mathematics and they also explore new subjects such as ICT, Social Studies, and Physical Education. They will even get the option to take part in many extra-curricular activities like music, drama, football, and art.

At GGAS our students learn from a high standard of education. Our curriculum is provided by an American educational institution with the support and insight of qualified teachers. These are full-time course that caters to grades one through eight. With our multicultural environment, all of our students are encouraged to use English at all times throughout the campus, not just in the classroom.


Middle School and High School

The USA High School Diploma Program allows each student to earn a USA certified high school diploma through Golden Gate American School in conjunction with a certified educational institution based in the USA. The USA High School Diploma Program takes your child through all the American standard high school subjects while following an accredited curriculum from the USA.

There are many advantages to enrolling in Golden Gate American School’s USA High School Diploma Program.  Qualified and experienced Native-English speaking staff support each student every step of the way to the completion of this program. We believe these teachers are the key to ensuring each student’s comprehension of the subjects, thus enhancing the value of our curriculum. The school facilities, learning materials and advanced technological equipment at Golden Gate American School are supplied to provide each student with a learning environment that fosters success. All of our classrooms are now equipped with interactive smart boards to improve further and support our students’ learning.

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