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Vision & Mission

Our vision

Our vision is to be among the most well-renowned international schools in Cambodia and provide our students with a strong academic foundation and opportunities for further education in the best institutions around the world.  Our goal is to see our alumni affecting positive change in our communities, country, and world. 

Our achievements today can only be measured by the success of our graduates tomorrow.

Our mission

Golden Gate American School strives to develop students with high academic acumen, broad subject knowledge, lifelong curiosity, compassion, global awareness, and self-confidence.  We prepare our students for success, service, and fulfillment in an ever-changing world by providing a variety of learning opportunities and challenging them to discover their full potential.​

Golden Gate American School is one of Cambodian’s top private boarding and university preparatory schools.

The reason is simple: GGAS staff and teachers work passionately as a team to provide world-class education
and living experiences for our students.

GGAS is committed to providing excellent student-centered service. We know that focusing on meeting the needs of all our students will help us build trust and confidence within our school community.

Our corporate values are compatible with the Accessibility for Phnom Phen with Act and we are committed to complying with Cambodia’s standards to provide accessible service to all our students, parents and guests including those with a disability.

If you have any questions about this policy or would like to give us feedback on how we’re doing, email us for a feedback form or call our receiption at (855) 99 777 550.

Our commitment to inclusiveness

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