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At Golden Gate American School, we can nurture your child into a lifelong learner. Starting in Nursery School and continuing through High School, our dedicated staff strives to instill in our students the Golden Gate values of academic achievement, intellectual curiosity and strong moral character. For Golden Gate graduates, learning doesn’t end with a high school diploma, but rather continues throughout life, opening doors to opportunity along the way.

Take a look at our programs to see which one is right for your child or Enroll now and give your child the advantage of a Golden Gate education today.

Kindergarten & Nursery

A child's very first experience with learning, growth, and discovery begins here at Golden Gate from ages two and up.

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Primary School

A full curriculum is available in three languages:  English with a USA based curriculum, Khmer with our Cambodian curriculum, and a Chinese curriculum.


High School

Golden Gate American School recognizes every student is unique. That’s why we have three curriculum tracks for your high school student to choose from, each with different specialties to suit your student’s needs and ambitions in order to create the most opportunities possible.


Chinese Curriculum

Experienced Chinese teachers at GGAS provide immense benefits to our students. Our experienced Chinese teachers provide students with a solid foundation in the language, offering a unique insight into Chinese culture and customs.

Cambodian Curriculum

Golden  Gate  American  School also offers a program with small class sizes and individual attention. All classes are taught in Khmer using a standardized Cambodian curriculum by qualified teachers from public schools.

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IB Diploma Candidacy

The International Baccalaureate Diploma program is an outstanding 

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